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Small and medium-sized businesses have always found themselves challenged with acquiring IT services. Schrenk Consulting was founded in 2009 under the idea that an IT service provider can be both affordable and skilled while also being easy to work with. We, at Schrenk Consulting, strive to be an integral part of your company structure so that you can focus on your core strengths. Technology, at it’s very best, should be able to help you optimize and expand your business objectives.

Let Schrenk Consulting help you align IT to your business today.


Dan Schrenk


Our Clients

Over the years, we’ve found that our clients need us to provide one of three types of IT support.

These three types are:

Complete IT

These customers tend be smaller in size (but not always) and don’t have any internal IT people. They are looking to us to manage all aspects of their company’s IT needs.  We ARE their IT department.

Augmented IT

These customers are a bit bigger in size (whether annual revenue or employee head count) and already have either a single person or a team of IT professionals that make up their internal IT department. For these companies, we can offer additional IT labor to help manage/implement projects, offer expert skillsets, as well as reduce the overall end-user burden.  We expand their IT department.

CIO Services

This tends to be for more medium-size companies or startups who are looking for guidance during the seed, early and growth stages.  For medium-size companies, they often already have an IT department but need leadership to help align IT to their business goals.  Or perhaps they need leadership continuity while IT management is changed out.  For start-ups, there is a need to balance “shoestring” budgets while still maintaining growth velocity.  We’ve found that as start-ups complete their Series A, they’ll have funding available to bring this role in-house which allows us to facilitate a pleasant transition.

Tools and Resources

If you are interested in what I like and use, here’s my list. YMMV


Mikrotik – Very affordable, full featured and very fast. I’ve purchased more RB750s than I can remember.

Fortigate – Exceptional NGFW with security features and price to match.

Ubiquiti – Meraki at a fraction of the cost and most of the features.


Intel NUC – The Skull Canyon makes an excellent ESXi host.

Apple – I’ve been a Mac fanboy since OS X was introduced

Dell XPS laptops – The infinity edge and performance make this worth the cost of the camera placement.

QNAP – Good OS, great performance.


ProxMox – Free (almost) virtualization.

VMware – The undisputed, world champion.

ESET – My preferred AV; lightweight and affordable.

Kali – The workhorse of my toolkit.


Office365 – E-mail, etc.
Dropbox – File sharing
Evernote – Centralized notes
BitWarden – Essential pw mgmt
Splashtop – Remote access
Termius – Outstanding SSH term and client mgmt
New Relic – Perf & monitoring
Meraki – Solid MDM
CodeAnywhere – My IDE of choice
Pivotal Tracker – Proj mgmt
Github – Git made easy

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